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Works on IPAD not on IPHONE 7

This app works fine on my IPAD Air 2 but will not play my iTunes songs on my IPHONE 7. This happened when I upgraded from an IPHONE 5 S. I keep getting a Copywriter and Apple Music message. I need the phone music for my motorcycle trips!


I think this is one of the best. The quality is awesome An no glitches!


The best app


Very easy to use

Good teitle

Is it this on app game free cuz i want admin, how do ju makeo dos? alzo bad appz so u get dis 1 stur cuz i is smart as knubbulbui.

Do not buy the premium

The app is good however due to copyright almost no music no matter how underground can be played in the app and the bass booster tool is almost useless because the 50 in the equalizer with boost the bass also. It is not worth the money to play very very few select songs

Hey! I love this app but

It would be cool if you added concert hall mode sound like Spotify has on the Samsung galaxy. Are you able to add that please? Plz respond

Its great

Music is clear and precise.

Hey! I love this app but

It would be cool if you added sound alive that has surround sounds. Are you able to do that? Please respond

Excell. Option

The only free appl that can low the volume. Exactly what I looking for.

Love it!!

Its easy to use and works amazingly!!! May I make a few suggestions for future updates; 1). a speed dial 2). Record audio 3). Maybe more visuals. Just a few suggestions. Great app overall!

What Happened?

After one of your update, my Cadillac CUE on board controls know longer has the ability to change songs without restarting the song with the play button. Doesnt have any problems when I utilize the phone controls. Please resolve...Thanks

Play/pause doesnt work with beats or apple earpods

Play/pause doesnt work with beats or apple earpods only fwd

Back to normal

Best music app on the market hands down

Love the sound balance

I really love and enjoy this app. I think I will go ahead and pay for the upgrade but my only complaint is that I dont feel like its loud enough. But thats more of a personal preference than anything. Other than that I really really enjoy it.

Worth $3 but...

Everytime I rewind it goes back to the second it was before, this is still happening after the bug fix. Please fix this, thanks.

Great app

Thanks for fixing the equalizer bug its back to normal(:

Always improving

Lots of features the Apple player is lacking and they update all the time. Worth the purchase.

Works great, just what I wanted

I wanted 2 things from an equalizer - easy to use frequency slider for tone, and good sound. Equalizer + delivers this function very nicely. Easy to use. Sounds great. Very happy with this app.

Allow us to use Spotify and other apps like that

Allow us to use Spotify and other apps like that

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